We are learning to ...
- play the chime bars to go up and down the scale 
- explore the differences between high and low sounds and soft and loud sounds 
- sing songs in time with the music. 
We know when we have done this when...

  • we can play up the scale, and down the scale in time to the song
  • we can keep in time with the music
  • we can say whether the sounds are high or low
  • we can play loudly or softly
  • we can sing in time with the music

Term 2 Reading 2014

I am learning to talk about the characters, setting and plot in stories I read with the group.

Teacher: What is one thing that you like about reading?

Natalie: I get to learn more in the stories I read and the stories are really interesting.

My place in Christchurch

A Place that is important to me in Christchurch..
The Botanical Garden because it has lots of bugs there and lots of dirt that you can find worms in.


My drawing of still life at the workshop by Mr Shaskey.

We are learning to ...
  • plan a drawing using the elements of line, tone, texture, colour, form, shape, and space
  • use the techniques of sketching, using the correct brush strokes, colour mixing, texturing, and applying a black border.
  • communicate and interpret my idea of a kowhaiwhai pattern.

Student comment: I drew koru boats on the sea and put some mountains in the background.